Code of Conduct

While attending Middlesfur meet, or using our social media/chats we ask you to follow our Code of Conduct.

No under 18s as of 23/7/17. ID MAY BE REQUESTED.

Please don’t attend if you currently have or believe you have an infectious illness. If you don’t know we respectfully request you act on the side of caution.

Respect the venue, we use the venue for free and ask you to follow their rules and decisions. Do not bring outside food or drink.

Please respect personal boundaries in both personal space and personal belongings – ask permission before personal contact e.g. hugs. – No means no.

Please be aware that some members of the meet may have heightened senses. Please be respectful when it comes to personal hygiene etc.

Do not bring external conflict to the meet, if you feel that you are unable to keep your composure while at the meet we ask that you miss the meet until the conflict has been resolved. However, if you are attending whilst in an external conflict, such as a falling out with another member, we ask you to be civil.

Discriminatory behaviour including, but not limited to discrimination of sexuality, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and transphobia, is unacceptable and not welcome at the meet, chat, etc.

Please do not bring NSFW material to the meet. Be responsible. We are in a public venue with families present.

No weapons or realistic imitations may be brought to the meet.

No legal narcotics(“ legal highs”) containing psychoactive properties are to be brought to the meet.

No nudity or extreme sexual behaviour is permitted while at the meet. (While the meet itself is 18+ the venue is not.)

Promotion of extreme ideologies including, but not limited to political extremism e.g. Nazism, terrorism, ISIS, etc. is unacceptable and not welcome at the meet, chat, etc.

Please respect that political / emotionally charged / other controversial topics may cause a negative or unhealthy atmosphere at the meet. The committee reserves the right to ask for a change of topic if they feel that the current course may make people uncomfortable.

Do not harass artists, customers, or other furry members. The meet is a place of fun and enjoyment of the furry art form, if someone does not reply to contact please do not repeatedly message them and please do not bully other members.

Discussion, planning, or execution of any illegal activities may result in immediate banning from the meet and/or the proper authorities being contacted.

Drink responsibly – know your limits. Members who put themselves or others at risk through actions including, but not limited to drinking to incapacitation, drinking and driving, starting fights, purchasing alcohol to underage individuals, etc. risk an immediate ban or a strike (see 3 strike system) as seen fit by the committee.

Inform the committee of any grievances, don’t accuse other members publicly – please contact us between 9 am – 9 pm unless it involves an emergency. If there is legitimate cause for concern, the committee will take action.

Personal possessions are the responsibility of the owner.
A committee member will stay behind and can be left with property under certain circumstances (for example during fur walks) Please be aware that this is still at the original owner’s risk. Middlesfur accepts no liability or responsibility for any items left with a committee member. 

All public relations involving Middlesfur must pass through the committee – including, but not limited to, photography and interviews.

The committee will not discuss cases brought to us unless there is a need for resolution. Do not ask the committee if another member has discussed an issue. (Unless the involved person has asked for your support).

Its advised that all members attending our meet should have an emergency contact. The committee will endeavor to keep members safe. However, members have a responsibility to keep themselves safe and have safety plans in place in case of emergency.

3 Strike System

Action taken by the committee will follow a standard procedure – a verbal warning, a written warning, and a final interview with the committee members with the outcome to be decided by the committee. The actions that can be taken against a member could include expulsion from the meet.

(Severe infractions of the rules may result in multiple strikes at one time)