Month: April 2017

May Artist of the Month: Faruku

May’s Artist of the Month

Hey, furs! For the month of May, the Middlesfur committee has chosen Faruku as our Artist of the Month! Faruku is a multi-talented artist that produces work both digitally and traditionally along with her stunning fursuits. She is a devoted artist who started growing in popularity with her Lion King artwork and has become a force to be reconded with. Faruku can be found at many conventions, including this month at Confuzzled, she is usually very easy to find in the dealer’s den at the two tables behind the crowd for fursuit raffle tickets. Both her toony and realistic airbrushed fursuits are true works of art, and we at Middlesfur hope that you enjoy her work as much as we do.

“I’m FarukuCostumes! I’ve been making costume for around 7 years now, from realism to toony we cover everything you need :) I have a background in illustration and animation, and got into costumes through cosplay, we’ve now been making fursuits for fair few years and have expanded into an office location in ye olde North”



Where to find more Faruku


Furaffinity (fursuits):

Furaffinity (Digital/traditional)




Mini-meet 14th May

Hey furs,

We hope you are all doing well, as you know we don’t usually have a May meet. However, as the dates line up so the meet is earlier in the month we will be having one! We have the same schedule:
11:30: Meet at Middlesbrough Bus Station.
12:00: Head to Resolution
14:00-15:15: Fursuit walk (optional, usually at least one committee member will remain at the pub).
17:00: Meet ends at Resolution.

We hope to see you furs and your suits this month, as always feel free to ask questions and make suggestions in the comments XD

(Image was drawn by PastelClaws)