Month: March 2018

8th April Meet & 11th April Coffee+Drawing Micro-meet

Hey furs,

We hope you are doing well and that spring has finally come! As some of you will know, we had a second micro-meet last month with a focus on drawing and coffee. Due to the success of that meet we have chosen to continue hosting them as long as interest continues. So for the month of April we have two schedules as seen below.

8th April Traditional Meet Schedule

11:30 Meet at Middlesbrough Bus Station.

12:00 Head to Resolution.

13:00 – 14:30 games and socialising

14:30 – 15:45 Fursuit walk (optional, usually at least one committee member will remain at the pub).

17:00 Meet ends at Resolution.


11th April Coffee+Drawing Schedule

11:45 Meet at Middlesbrough Bus Station.

12:00 Coffee and Drawing at Off the Ground Coffee

13:30 Meet ends at Off the Ground Coffee


(Image was drawn by PastelClaws)


March Artist of The Month 2018: Mintoony(Jeff)

Hey furs,

For the month of March, to keep you distracted from the freezing snow, we bring you Mintoony! Mintoony is an animation student and graphic art designer from Newcastle. They primarily work in the digital median and has a magical dynamic style that accentuates the form and movement of the subject.

” I would like to think I draw for the same reasons everyone else does; expression and bringing ideas to life. From intense horror to the sweetest lil marshmallows, as long as you FEEL the art then the art is a success”-Mintoony


Social Media

Fur Affinity: Mintoony

Twitter: @Jeffasart

Facebook: Jeff Bridgewood