Month: March 2017

Middlesfur Meet 9th April

Hey furs,

It is finally spring, so hopefully, we will be in for some better weather. If you have not seen we have started an artist of the month post, this month is Stefi Heartlilly, to highlight some of our favourite artists and show off their great works. This month follows the usual schedule, except that we will now be meeting at Middlesbrough Bus Station instead of the Train Station.

The Schedule

11:30: Meet at Middlesbrough Bus Station.
12:00: Head to Lloyd’s Bar.
14:00-15:15: Fursuit walk (optional, usually at least one committee member will remain at the pub).
17:00: Meet ends at Lloyd’s Bar.

As usual, we will have games to play while chatting and The Resolution will be serving food and drink. If you have and questions or problems resolving the meet, feel free to contact one of out committee members or leave a comment and a committee member will get back to you.

Things of note

As our venue does not charge us for being there, we ask that no outside food or drink be consumed at the Resolution. We have an age restriction of 16+ and ask you to bring a valid proof of ID. Members who purchase alcohol for under 18s and under 18s caught drinking alcohol will be banned from Middlesfur meets and the bar staff will be notified.

(Image was drawn by PastelClaws)

Artist of the Month Stefi Heartlilly

Hey furs, we at Middlesfur would like to introduce you to new artists in the furry community. So at the start of every month, we are going to highlight an artist that we appreciate.


For the month of April our chair Neptune has chosen Stefi Heartlilly! Neptune has purchased quite a few of Heartlilly’s prints along with commissioning pieces of artwork from her. Heartlilly works both digitally and traditionally and has a distinct watercolour art style.

“I enjoy drawing anthropomorphized deities and animals, playing with personifications. Often using animal features to express a characters feelings and experiences, or just for fun! I love to design fantasy characters from fantasy realms, and have found various ‘online’ societies to be inviting of my work. Most of my commissions currently come from these societies of escapism. In the last few years i traveled to various geek/fantasy conventions all over the UK to sell and promote my work. My fan base has gradually built up around my Romantic feminism style, which is often absent in game/fandom conventions largely attended by men.” – Stefi Heartlilly’s about page.

(Some of the commissions Heartlilly has done for Neptune)

If you want to know more about Stefi Heartlilly and her artwork please see the links below: