Month: September 2015

Middlesfur Mini-Meet 10th October

Right then fluffies, the time of gathering again is soon upon us and the plan is as follows:
12 (midday): We will be meeting in Middlesbrough’s train station just outside WHSmith.
12:30: Leave the train station to walk to the venue (Games And Gums)
17:00: The meet will come to a close.
Usually at around 15:00, people go off for food although the venue serves a delicious range of American drinks and candies. There’s something for everyone too with a wide variety of places selling food dotted around near the venue. The venue is definitely worth coming along to with it’s relaxed and social atmosphere, and can be found at @gamesandgums On Twitter and on Facebook.

Any questions then feel free to ask us over at :

myself (@HeyImSpiritWolf),
at Middlesfur’s official Twitter page (@middlesfur),
Neptune’s Twitter page (@Neptune_Colt)
orĀ in the comments below,

We don’t bite, I promise ^.^

See all you guys there!