Month: July 2015

Middlesfur Mini-Meet 8th August

Heya Furs,

Our new venue Games & Gums is great and you lot seem to be enjoying it! If you would like to get more information please see their Facebook or give them a visit before the meet:

Exploding Kittens is still on the way but we hope it’ll be here before the next meet! As usual we’ll have a wide variaty of games and please feel free to bring your own. We’re a friendly bunch though a bit small so if you haven’t been before come and check us out! We won’t bite ;)

This months schedule is as follows:

12:00-12:30 Meet at Middlesbrough Train station near W H Smith on the benches.


12:30-17:00 We will have access to the shop, drinks and games. (We’ll be going for food at 3ish)

17:00 The meet will come to a close.

Hope to see you furs there and if you have any questions feel free to ask on in northernfurs or our twitter,

Neptune X