About Us

We aim to create an engaging environment for furries to meet, discover more about the fandom, and have fun through board games, conversation, and other activities. We strive to be welcoming and not exclude individuals and believe that board games like werewolf, Cards Against Humanity, Sheriff of Nottingham etc. make us accessible to new members who may be hesitant to engage in conversation because hey…once you have to explain “why am I sticky?” after I just lynched you because I thought you were a werewolf, you’re going to make sure everyone knows!

The Chair -Neptune

Hliconi, I’m Neptune! I’ve been running Middlesfur For a while now and am enjoying meeting new people and organising the events. I started Middlesfur while I was studying Computing at Teesside University and after finishing my course (and passing amazingly) I have continued to stay in Middlesbrough and run Middlesfur. Some of you may have met me at Confuzzled, I’m usually in the games lounge or queuing for events so I’m quite easy to track down :P If you want to see more of my fursona I have FA or send us a Tweet :)

The Vice-Chair -Spirit

11739577_999875886698881_2112252217_nRawr, I’m Spirit and I help wherever needed and help introduce new people. As for my current studies, I’ve moved onto Music Technology however I have previous experience in vet nursing and other animal work. My personal hobbies include playing guitar, photography and travelling, primarily to other furmeets where some people may know me from. I’m usually hyper on the surface, insane when you get to know me but I don’t bite ^.^

To get in contact with me on my FA or send me a Tweet.

Liaison Officer -Tempus

“Time Flies” Hi there I’m tempus, I’m around to generally help out, just literally a dog’s body that’s used as and when needed. I’m a massive geek – anything I don’t know, I’ll soon have it looked up. Always around for a chat, and love a good debate. Always here if you need anything.