Month: April 2018

13th May Meet

Hey furs,

We hope you’re doing well, we know this time of year is a busy one with conventions and the like so we’re keeping it simple. The drawing and coffee meet might not be running this month but we’ll update you when we know if Neptune will be free to run it.

13th May Traditional Meet Schedule

11:30 Meet at Middlesbrough Bus Station.

12:00 Head to Resolution.

13:00 – 14:30 games and socialising

14:30 – 15:45 Fursuit walk (optional, usually at least one committee member will remain at the pub).

17:00 Meet ends at Resolution.


16th May Coffee+Drawing Schedule(TBC)

11:45 Meet at Middlesbrough Bus Station.

12:00 Coffee and Drawing at Off the Ground Coffee

13:30 Meet ends at Off the Ground Coffee


(Image was drawn by PastelClaws)


April Artist of the Moth 2018: GeeWolf

Hey furs, as the snow fades away and the rains start to bring in the spring, we bring you our April Artist of the month, GeeWolf. GeeWolf is a up and coming digital artist and a studying architecture at university. His paint like style, with energetic posing and expression add extra character to his subjects. A long with his use of shadow and perspective, it all comes together to create an appealing style sure to grab attention.

“My favorite thing about drawing is capturing or creating personalities. Drawing anything without a face is extremely boring for me :) I started drawing furry stuff at the beginning of 2017. This was also the first time i got my hands on a graphic tablet. Probably the biggest influence on my style is that i’m still learning, and that i like going for dynamic and realistic lighting. As for inspirations, i take them from absolutely anywhere, but if i had to pick my favorite furry artist, i’d pick Caraid :)”-GeeWolf


Social Media

Fur Affinity: GeeWolf

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: Art_GeeWolf

Picarto: GeeWolf