Month: September 2018

September Artist of the Month 2018: kaitycuddle

Hey furs, firstly we’d like to apologise for the late post this month and secondly, we’d like to present you Kaity (kaitycuddle) as our September Artist of the Month! Kaity is a skillfully delightful artist who’s pin-up style pieces beam with personality. Through a combination of posing, backgrounds and props, Kaity is able to portray her subjects with lifelike expression and storytelling.

A word from Kaity

“I’m Kaity, I’m 24 living on the East Coast of Canada. I started out drawing wolf characters for my friends on a game called Furcadia, and then eventually branched out into the furry scene and have stuck with it ever since. I also love painting non-furry art, too! I am totally passionate about art and so I hope to continue improving and creating for a career. I’ve come to develop a colourful style with chunky lines and an attention to anatomy (at least, that’s what I aim for haha). My style is always evolving, though! Some big inspirations of mine include Wildering, Akitamonster, and Yulliandress.” – Kaitycuddle


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