Month: October 2016

Middlesfur 13th November New Venue!

Heya furs,

We are no longer at TP Coffee House, we have moved to the Issac Wilson. I am aware that the Issac Wilson sells booze and any fur buying alcohol under the age of 18 or for an under 18 will be banned from the meets. No outside food or drink as usual :)

11:30 we meet at Middlesbrough train station to gather everyone up.
12:00 we head to the Issac Wilsons
14:00 those of us who want to go for the fursuit walk will head out
15:15 we’ll head back to the cafe
17:00 the meet ends :(

Feel free to bring games and fun stuff XD

If you have any questions or very appreciated suggestions please reply to this or contact Desirae, Neptune, or Spirit (Wolfie) or comment below