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February Artist of The Month 2019: FOX-POP!

Hey furs, February is the month were we at Middlesfur have finished resting for the holidays and start back to work. Providing you with meets and our Artists of The Months! For our first Artist of The Month, we bring you the awesome Fox-Pop. Fox-Pop’s vintage pin-up style is certainly distinct and appealing, you could easily imagine their work painted on the side of a bomber plane, propaganda poster or as an old cereal mascot. their use of solid colour and bold outlines really brings you back to the good old days. We at Middlesfur hope you enjoy Fox-pop’s work as much as we do!

A word from Fox-Pop

Howdy! I’m Fox Pop, a 1990 born artist currently living in Italy!
My art is basically about three things: “Anthropomorphism”, “Vintage” and “Pin-Ups”. The constant presence of vintage/retro and somehow nostalgic vibes is the thing I’m most proud of my art because of my strong passion for anything comes from 60s and 70s (vehicles, music, products, movies, posters… I’m apparently an old fart inside!). Gil Elvgreen’s Pin-Ups, along with ancient paintings and sculptures inspire me a lot especially when it comes to anatomy studies or artistic nudes/semi-nudes and many other products (cartoons, movies, comics, advertisings…) featuring anthro characters have influenced my way to draw, but the strongest influence in my style comes from 70s/80s japanese animation (Miyazaki, Osamu Tezuka, Monkey Punch, Tatsunoko Pro… both anthro and non-anthro products) and that’s what brought me to draw my characters more like “animalized people” than “animals with human traits” and that’s something that (fox) pops up even in my webcomic “Truck Off: The Treasure of the Horde” (Currently published on in which the characters are anthro animals still acting and living as regular human beings.



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December Artist of the Month 2018:

Hey furs, for the Christmas season we bring you a gift of the transformation artist, Amethyst! Amethyst is a skilled artist that specialises in transformation both animal and machine. She has a wide range, varying from the cute, to the visceral and that lays between. We think that you will agree that Amethyst has something to offer for all kinds of tastes and her eye-catching pieces are worth looking through her portfolio.

A Word from Amethyst

“Hi my name is Amethyst ( or sometimes Beetle), I’ve been in the fandom since 2008 ( so says my Furaffinity registering date!). I honestly first heard about the fandom from the critical side of the net, but I really liked the characters, costumes and art that the fandom is built on so I decided to delve in.

I’ve loved fantasy stories and shows, monsters, animals and anthropomorpism as a kid, and have been drawing from a young age too.

The fandom is great for interesting character designs, and I also enjoy drawing monsters, body horror and anthro-machines ( Yes, I like Cars. Fight me!). I work a lot digitally but enjoy going back to traditional media when I can.

I’m inspired by folklore and legends, cartoons, monster movies, history, vintage cars, old scifi and natural forms. As for artists I enjoy, they range from realistic surrealism such as John Brosio and Simon Stalenhag back to style-heavy cartoon stuff, like Rubberskunk, Dobescrusher and Haifisch Ehrlich. I also really like old 80s movie poster art.

I fursuit, watch bad movies, collect animals bones and have too many diecasts and plushies. “

Social Media

FA amethystlongcat

Twitter @Feraltoaster

Telegram @Amethystboo

Discord Beetlebutt#2107

September Artist of the Month 2018: kaitycuddle

Hey furs, firstly we’d like to apologise for the late post this month and secondly, we’d like to present you Kaity (kaitycuddle) as our September Artist of the Month! Kaity is a skillfully delightful artist who’s pin-up style pieces beam with personality. Through a combination of posing, backgrounds and props, Kaity is able to portray her subjects with lifelike expression and storytelling.

A word from Kaity

“I’m Kaity, I’m 24 living on the East Coast of Canada. I started out drawing wolf characters for my friends on a game called Furcadia, and then eventually branched out into the furry scene and have stuck with it ever since. I also love painting non-furry art, too! I am totally passionate about art and so I hope to continue improving and creating for a career. I’ve come to develop a colourful style with chunky lines and an attention to anatomy (at least, that’s what I aim for haha). My style is always evolving, though! Some big inspirations of mine include Wildering, Akitamonster, and Yulliandress.” – Kaitycuddle


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August Artist of the Month 2018: Kite

Hey furs, it’s August and it’s time for our next Artist of the Month, Kite! Kite’s style uses a combination of pose, angle and perspective to create energetic scenes. Her work is action-packed and expressive, telling a story bringing the subjects to life. Also, the use of vivid colours only enhance the fun of her work and overall Kite’s style showcases how she is willing to push herself by not resorting to simple posing and backgrounds to tell the story she wants to tell.

A word from Kite

“Hi everyone. My name’s Kite. I’m 24 years old, a black fox from the UK. I first got into the fandom around 2008/2009. Back then, I’d seen some anthropomorphic drawings and the like on DeviantArt and was really into Sonic at the time when I discovered there was a whole fandom around the idea.

I’ve been into art since I was about 10 years old. When I was a kid, I thought my drawing skills sucked and it took winning a school competition to realise I was actually really good at this and really enjoyed it. From there, I just kept developing my art, working as hard as I could to reach my goals. Despite my secondary school screwing up and not giving me art class for my GCSEs, I managed to push through and went on to study Video Games Art and Design in University which really propelled my art skills by learning from those who had so much talent.

As for inspirations that helped me figure out what the heck I’m doing, I’d have to go with Van Gogh, Falvie, JMW Turner and recently Oselotti.” -Kite


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Twitter: @KiteInColours




June Artist of the Month 2018: Zod

Hey furs, as the heat rages on and those of you who have been to ConFuzzled resuscitate your bank accounts, Neptune brings back from the dealer’s den Zod! He has an impressive attention to detail and use of texture in both his portraits and landscapes. Also, his captivating, more realistic style and subtle expressions bring his subjects to life.

“Hi! I’m Zod, and I’ve been in the fandom since the early 90’s. Back then, I was inspired by shows like Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs, and created toon-styled artwork on traditional media, as well as on the Amiga.

I decided to pursue art seriously around the early 2000s and have spent countless hours painting and attending life drawing classes. With that background, I managed to work my way into the graphic design field as a designer-illustrator. My current style has evolved into a far more painterly look, but I enjoy a bit of line art as well!

My influences come from a wide range of artists, but I’d have to say the ones that have been key to my success include John Singer Sargent, Craig Mullins and Dave Rapoza.”-Zod


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May Artist of the Month 2018: Tatyana(AriesRedLo)

Hey furs, it’s May and we hope you’re doing well. For the month of May we bring you ?HORSES? with Tatyana(AriesRedLo). Tatyana is a Russian artist who started out drawing exclusively horses but she has started to branch out into the anthro market in recent years. Her work is primarily digital but has a traditional painterly aesthetic with vibrant and dramatic backgrounds.

“My name is Tatiana, I’m from Russia and I’m 21 (it’s tomorrow). I’m drawing on a graphics tablet since 2011. But, from 2011 to 2016 I painted only horses! Therefore, it is still very difficult for me to draw an anthro, but I try to improve my skills. I can not say if I have a certain style, I think it is only at the stage of formation, since I still have a lot to learn. For me, the main thing in drawing is the atmosphere. Therefore, my favorite artists are Wildering and OKITHAU. My inspiration comes from beauty of nature and from communication with animals, especially from horses :D” – Tatyana


Social Media

VKontakte: ariesredlo

Fur Affinity: AriesRedLo

April Artist of the Moth 2018: GeeWolf

Hey furs, as the snow fades away and the rains start to bring in the spring, we bring you our April Artist of the month, GeeWolf. GeeWolf is a up and coming digital artist and a studying architecture at university. His paint like style, with energetic posing and expression add extra character to his subjects. A long with his use of shadow and perspective, it all comes together to create an appealing style sure to grab attention.

“My favorite thing about drawing is capturing or creating personalities. Drawing anything without a face is extremely boring for me :) I started drawing furry stuff at the beginning of 2017. This was also the first time i got my hands on a graphic tablet. Probably the biggest influence on my style is that i’m still learning, and that i like going for dynamic and realistic lighting. As for inspirations, i take them from absolutely anywhere, but if i had to pick my favorite furry artist, i’d pick Caraid :)”-GeeWolf


Social Media

Fur Affinity: GeeWolf

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: Art_GeeWolf

Picarto: GeeWolf

March Artist of The Month 2018: Mintoony(Jeff)

Hey furs,

For the month of March, to keep you distracted from the freezing snow, we bring you Mintoony! Mintoony is an animation student and graphic art designer from Newcastle. They primarily work in the digital median and has a magical dynamic style that accentuates the form and movement of the subject.

” I would like to think I draw for the same reasons everyone else does; expression and bringing ideas to life. From intense horror to the sweetest lil marshmallows, as long as you FEEL the art then the art is a success”-Mintoony


Social Media

Fur Affinity: Mintoony

Twitter: @Jeffasart

Facebook: Jeff Bridgewood

February 2018 Artist of the Month: Kyander

Heya furs,

We hope you had a great holiday period, and for the first Artist of the Month for 2018! Kyander’s work makes exceptional use of light and shadow to produce depth in their work. They are known for their pinup work in both digital and traditional media and their expressive posing. This comes together to create a clean professional art piece that would feel right at home on the side of a Harley.

“Well, the reason I draw is just because I like the process of doing it. And it’s a cool feel when you make a piece of art from nothing. I get my ispiration from my friends, from different sci-fi themed things like art, movies, games, etc. Sometimes photos of interesting, cozy and beautiful places on the Earth inspire me.

I mostly use my FA and telegram for sharing artworks, but sometimes i appear on twitter and DA” – Kyander


Social Media

Fur Affinity: kyander

Telegram: kyanderscraps

Twitter: @Kissyander

Deviantart: kissa-artist

December Artist of the Month: Ookami Kemono

Heya furs,

We at Middlesfur hope all you furs are having a great holiday period, we know these few month can be tough so we hope you are doing well. For this month of cold, our Artist of the Month is master of fluff Ookami Kemono!

Ookami has an extremely fluffy style in a multiple of mediums, pencil, inked digital etc. Ookami makes comics, illustrations, motivational images, conbadges and more.

“Having two parents who specialize in the art field, I spent most of my time drawing during my youth. Mostly self-taught in pencil and ink techniques, I studied the basics of drawing anatomy from watching various cartoons and reading Japanese mangas. I loved drawing animals and animal-based characters. Later, I went to art college where I was introduced to the Furry Fandom.

My illustrations reached numerous published children’s books, CD covers, television, game magazines, webcomics, and published graphic novels. I was inspired by a lot of talented anthropomorphic artists and met a lot of wonderful people who helped me navigate through the fandom to where I am now.

I mostly do narrative and emotional based illustrations, dealing with personal mental troubles as well as cute and funny inspirational pieces. ” – Ookami Kemono


We hope that Ookami’s art has warmed you up this time of year and if you would like to see more on their work, checkout them on social media!

Where to find more Ookmai Kemono

Fur Affinity: o-kemono

Facebook: OokamiKemono

Comic Fury: lucidsdream

Deviant Art: o-kemono