Month: August 2016

Middlesfur 3 year aniversary

Well it’s been a magical three years of meets and today we are going to celebrate with fun, games and food! There will a lot of fun in store for everyone, and as always fursuiting is welcome! Please refrain from bringing food and drink from outside premises as our wonderful hosts do provide food and drink services! Below is an outline of the activities:

11:30: We will be meeting in Middlesbrough’s train station just outside WHSmith.
12:00: Leave the train station to walk to the venue (TP Coffee House and Cafe Ltd)
12:30 – 13:00 Order/consume food before activities commense (optional)
13:00: Quiz – there will be two teams competing in rounds for novelty prizes and it will be a quiz just to have some fun!
14:30 – 15:00: Small break where people are welcome to get into their fursuits for the next activity and everyone can have cake supplied by Neptune as a thank you for being a member of our ever loving and supporting community.
15:00: Photo time! We would like if everyone could participate in suit or not so we can publish photos on the website to celebrate our wonderful three years of furry fun!
15:30 – 16:30: BY NEPTUNE IT’S A SCAVENGER HUNT! (See what I did there for all you comic book fans!) We will be split into teams and set out on a scavenger hunt around the town centre to find a list of items and the first team back wins a prize!
16:30 onwards: Goody bags with anniversary goodies and small tokens of thanks for everyone who has joined the group even if this is your first meet! Then we will be heading over to Wetherspoons for food and drink to bring the wonderous activities of the day to a close and to celebrate, which is optional and no-one is forced to attend.

Any questions then feel free to ask us (your ever supporting committee) over at :
In the Facebook Group Chat (inbox us if you aren’t in the chat already)
Wolfie (@HeyImSpiritWolf),
at Middlesfur’s official Twitter page (@middlesfur),
Neptune’s Twitter page (@Neptune_Colt),
Desirae’s twitter (@DesiraeMarmi)

Can’t wait to see you all there!!! *high five*


Art By Rose Gibbin