Month: June 2018

8th July Traditional Meet

Hey furs, for the month of July there will be no café meet as Neptune has started a new job so will have to negotiate details with their new employer. Trust that we will do our best to keep both the traditional and meets running as on a regular schedule as possible?. For our traditional meet,the schedule is as follows.

8th July Traditional Meet Schedule

11:30 Meet at Middlesbrough Bus Station.

12:00 Head to Resolution (downstairs at the back).

13:00 – 14:30 games and socialising

14:30 – 15:45 Fursuit walk (optional, usually at least one committee member will remain at the pub).

17:00 Meet ends at Resolution.


(Image was drawn by PastelClaws)

June Artist of the Month 2018: Zod

Hey furs, as the heat rages on and those of you who have been to ConFuzzled resuscitate your bank accounts, Neptune brings back from the dealer’s den Zod! He has an impressive attention to detail and use of texture in both his portraits and landscapes. Also, his captivating, more realistic style and subtle expressions bring his subjects to life.

“Hi! I’m Zod, and I’ve been in the fandom since the early 90’s. Back then, I was inspired by shows like Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs, and created toon-styled artwork on traditional media, as well as on the Amiga.

I decided to pursue art seriously around the early 2000s and have spent countless hours painting and attending life drawing classes. With that background, I managed to work my way into the graphic design field as a designer-illustrator. My current style has evolved into a far more painterly look, but I enjoy a bit of line art as well!

My influences come from a wide range of artists, but I’d have to say the ones that have been key to my success include John Singer Sargent, Craig Mullins and Dave Rapoza.”-Zod


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