Month: January 2017

Middlesfur 12th Febuary (please read)

Well hello everyone, hope you all enjoyed Christmas and had good festive fun. This is our first meet of 2017 and we are happy to be welcoming you all.

Sadly we have to ask that any fur wishing to come to the meet has to bring ID to prove you are over the age of 16 (unless previously proven). If ID is not provided we must insist you leave and return with ID either within the meet or at the following meet. No-one is allowed to purchase alcohol if you or the person you intend to buy for is under 18. We will ask you to leave. We’re sorry we are having to be so strict but we are unable to take responsibility for allowing such activities.

The meet will follow the usual structure with games and responsible fun.The schedule is as follows:
11:30: Meet at Middlesbrough train station.
12:00: Head to Isaacs
14:00-15:15: Fursuit walk
17:00: Meet ends at Isaacs

If you have any concerns please feel free to message one of us admins, we don’t bite. :D

(Image was drawn by PastelClaws)