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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice | Middlesfur Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice – Middlesfur

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

21/03/2020 - News

Hey furs, it comes with great regret that we bring you the following message. Middlesfur will not run this April and until improvements occur with the Coronavirus situation. We are hoping to run online “meetings” and updates will be coming as we find the best ways to cope.


Q. Have there been any confirmed members with COVID-19?

A. Not to our knowledge. However, most people are not able to be tested at this time and symptoms don’t show straight away.

Q. I have recently worn my suit to another meet, should I be concerned?

A. Please do not share heads and wash them thoroughly as possible, as you should anyway.

Q. Will there be an “unofficial meetup”?

A. No. Also please do not schedule your own as this goes against our and the government’s position on group gatherings at this time.

Q. Well I’m going to make my own meet, with blackjack and hookers.

A. Illegal gambling and prostitution goes against our C.O.C and you’d be risking legal action, ban, and more serious diseases.

Q. Are furs of X species more likely to catch COVID-19?

A. Although research is slim and inconclusive, we can say with much confidence that there’s no correlation to one species of fur getting infected over another. Please can we not have another Black Death incident were rat furs received unfair blame.