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February Artist of The Month 2019: FOX-POP! | Middlesfur February Artist of The Month 2019: FOX-POP! – Middlesfur

February Artist of The Month 2019: FOX-POP!

01/02/2019 - Artist of the month, News
February Artist of The Month 2019: FOX-POP!

Hey furs, February is the month were we at Middlesfur have finished resting for the holidays and start back to work. Providing you with meets and our Artists of The Months! For our first Artist of The Month, we bring you the awesome Fox-Pop. Fox-Pop’s vintage pin-up style is certainly distinct and appealing, you could easily imagine their work painted on the side of a bomber plane, propaganda poster or as an old cereal mascot. their use of solid colour and bold outlines really brings you back to the good old days. We at Middlesfur hope you enjoy Fox-pop’s work as much as we do!

A word from Fox-Pop

Howdy! I’m Fox Pop, a 1990 born artist currently living in Italy!
My art is basically about three things: “Anthropomorphism”, “Vintage” and “Pin-Ups”. The constant presence of vintage/retro and somehow nostalgic vibes is the thing I’m most proud of my art because of my strong passion for anything comes from 60s and 70s (vehicles, music, products, movies, posters… I’m apparently an old fart inside!). Gil Elvgreen’s Pin-Ups, along with ancient paintings and sculptures inspire me a lot especially when it comes to anatomy studies or artistic nudes/semi-nudes and many other products (cartoons, movies, comics, advertisings…) featuring anthro characters have influenced my way to draw, but the strongest influence in my style comes from 70s/80s japanese animation (Miyazaki, Osamu Tezuka, Monkey Punch, Tatsunoko Pro… both anthro and non-anthro products) and that’s what brought me to draw my characters more like “animalized people” than “animals with human traits” and that’s something that (fox) pops up even in my webcomic “Truck Off: The Treasure of the Horde” (Currently published on in which the characters are anthro animals still acting and living as regular human beings.



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