Month: December 2018

December Artist of the Month 2018:

Hey furs, for the Christmas season we bring you a gift of the transformation artist, Amethyst! Amethyst is a skilled artist that specialises in transformation both animal and machine. She has a wide range, varying from the cute, to the visceral and that lays between. We think that you will agree that Amethyst has something to offer for all kinds of tastes and her eye-catching pieces are worth looking through her portfolio.

A Word from Amethyst

“Hi my name is Amethyst ( or sometimes Beetle), I’ve been in the fandom since 2008 ( so says my Furaffinity registering date!). I honestly first heard about the fandom from the critical side of the net, but I really liked the characters, costumes and art that the fandom is built on so I decided to delve in.

I’ve loved fantasy stories and shows, monsters, animals and anthropomorpism as a kid, and have been drawing from a young age too.

The fandom is great for interesting character designs, and I also enjoy drawing monsters, body horror and anthro-machines ( Yes, I like Cars. Fight me!). I work a lot digitally but enjoy going back to traditional media when I can.

I’m inspired by folklore and legends, cartoons, monster movies, history, vintage cars, old scifi and natural forms. As for artists I enjoy, they range from realistic surrealism such as John Brosio and Simon Stalenhag back to style-heavy cartoon stuff, like Rubberskunk, Dobescrusher and Haifisch Ehrlich. I also really like old 80s movie poster art.

I fursuit, watch bad movies, collect animals bones and have too many diecasts and plushies. “

Social Media

FA amethystlongcat

Twitter @Feraltoaster

Telegram @Amethystboo

Discord Beetlebutt#2107