Middlesfur is the Middlesbrough furmeet that aims to create an engaging environment for furries to meetup, discover more about the fandom and have fun through board games, conversation and other activities. We strive to be welcoming and not exclude individuals and believe that board games like werewolf, Cards Against Humanity, Sheriff of Nottingham etc. make us accessible to new members who are maybe hesitant to engage in conversation because, hey…once you have to explain “why am I sticky?” (after I just lynched you because I thought you were a werewolf), you’re going to make sure everyone knows!

The Resolution (Venue)

This pub is part of the Captain Cook Square development, named after Middlesbrough’s most famous son. The pub takes its name from Cook’s flagship, Resolution. Between July 1772 and July 1775, Cook undertook an even more ambitious voyage. He was given two ships, with the Resolution as his flagship. He successfully completed the first west-east circumnavigation in high latitudes, chartered Tonga and Easter Island, discovered New Caledonia in the Pacific, the South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia in the Atlantic.

We hope to see you guys at the meet!

Middlesfur mascots

(Image drawn by PastelClaws)