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10th October 2021 meet (Covid rules apply)
Heya furs, it’s spoopy month and we hope you’re all having a great month. Given how smoothly the last meet went, meeting in person, we have [...]
8th Annifursary IRL 12/09/2021 (Covid rules apply)
(PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THE COVID RULES BELOW BEFORE ATTENDING) Heya furs, you read that right our 8th anniversary meet will be in IRL again! We thank you [...]
08th August 2021 (Discord)
Hey furs, we all hope that you’re all doing ok as the heatwave cools down. Unfortunately, the title isn’t a mistake, this month we are still [...]
11th July 2021 (Discord)
Hey furs, enjoying the football ⚽ and the heat as much as you can. As from the title you can tell that we are on Discord again. This is due to the recent [...]
13th June 2021(Discord)
Hey furs, happy pride month from those of us at Middlesfur🏳️‍🌈 As you may or may not know, we’ve added more channels to our Discord [...]
9th May 2021(discord)
Hey furs, we hope you’re doing well this may and enjoyed May the 4th and Star Wars day! We’re on Discord again doing memes and games so hope [...]
11th April 2021 (discord meet)
Hey furs, spring is here so I know all you bunnies have been busy laying easter eggs 🥚 , but hopefully, you’re not too tired to join us on the next [...]
10th January 2021(discord)
Hey furs, new years, new tiers! Firstly thank you furs for your understanding through to 2020s and the covid times. We are still running online-only meets [...]
13 December 2020(discord)
Hey furs, normally for December we don’t do a meet due to venue issues and uni furs going back home for Christmas etc. but given the year we’ve [...]
8 November 2020 (discord meet)
Hey furs, it looks like it’s going to be the year of Discord! We know it can be tough so let’s keep it light-hearted. We are having a voice [...]