Meet Dates & Info

5-Year Anniversary (9th September)
Hey furs, as you may have guessed from the title September will be our 5-year anniversary of Middlesfur goodness! We still cannot believe that we have been [...]
12th August Traditional Meet
Hey furs, we hope you are doing well and are finding ways to keep cool in this deadly heat! Just so you know the meet after this one is our 5-year [...]
8th July Traditional Meet
Hey furs, for the month of July there will be no café meet as Neptune has started a new job so will have to negotiate details with their new employer. [...]
10th June meet and 13th June Coffee & Drawing (Please read)
Hey furs, We hope you are enjoying the sunshine while it lasts! As you may or may not be aware we have gone and made a couple of changes to our meet. [...]
13th May Meet
Hey furs, We hope you’re doing well, we know this time of year is a busy one with conventions and the like so we’re keeping it simple. The [...]
8th April Meet & 11th April Coffee+Drawing Micro-meet
Hey furs, We hope you are doing well and that spring has finally come! As some of you will know, we had a second micro-meet last month with a focus on [...]
Middlefur 11th March Meet
hey furs, We hope you are doing well, we were so happy to see lots of new faces. For march we are going to leave you hanging on any additional activities [...]
Middlefur 11th February Meet
hey furs, We hope you are doing well and have recovered from the holidays! Firstly we would like to say thank you to all of you wonderful members for [...]
Middlesfur 12th November (last meet of the year)
Hi furs, As the title suggests this will be Middlesfur’s last meet of the year. We do not want you to think we are going for good so be rest assured [...]
Middlesfur Meet 8th October (Pokémon Tournament)
Heya furs, It’s the Month of Halloween! and we are excited to bring you our Halloween Pokémon Tournament (rules Linked) that shall be run by [...]