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Artist of the month | Middlesfur Artist of the month – Middlesfur

Artist of the month

February Artist of The Month 2019: FOX-POP!
Hey furs, February is the month were we at Middlesfur have finished resting for the holidays and start back to work. Providing you with meets and our [...]
December Artist of the Month 2018:
Hey furs, for the Christmas season we bring you a gift of the transformation artist, Amethyst! Amethyst is a skilled artist that specialises in [...]
September Artist of the Month 2018: kaitycuddle
Hey furs, firstly we’d like to apologise for the late post this month and secondly, we’d like to present you Kaity (kaitycuddle) as our [...]
August Artist of the Month 2018: Kite
Hey furs, it’s August and it’s time for our next Artist of the Month, Kite! Kite’s style uses a combination of pose, angle and [...]
June Artist of the Month 2018: Zod
Hey furs, as the heat rages on and those of you who have been to ConFuzzled resuscitate your bank accounts, Neptune brings back from the dealer’s den [...]
May Artist of the Month 2018: Tatyana(AriesRedLo)
Hey furs, it’s May and we hope you’re doing well. For the month of May we bring you ğŸŽHORSESğŸŽ with Tatyana(AriesRedLo). Tatyana is a Russian [...]
April Artist of the Moth 2018: GeeWolf
Hey furs, as the snow fades away and the rains start to bring in the spring, we bring you our April Artist of the month, GeeWolf. GeeWolf is a up and [...]
March Artist of The Month 2018: Mintoony(Jeff)
Hey furs, For the month of March, to keep you distracted from the freezing snow, we bring you Mintoony! Mintoony is an animation student and graphic art [...]
February 2018 Artist of the Month: Kyander
Heya furs, We hope you had a great holiday period, and for the first Artist of the Month for 2018! Kyander’s work makes exceptional use of light and [...]
December Artist of the Month: Ookami Kemono
Heya furs, We at Middlesfur hope all you furs are having a great holiday period, we know these few month can be tough so we hope you are doing well. For [...]