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8th Annifursary IRL 12/09/2021 (Covid rules apply) | Middlesfur 8th Annifursary IRL 12/09/2021 (Covid rules apply) – Middlesfur

8th Annifursary IRL 12/09/2021 (Covid rules apply)

05/09/2021 - Meet Dates & Info, News


Heya furs, you read that right our 8th anniversary meet will be in IRL again! We thank you so much for all your support and patients during these hard times, between Covid and adapting to online meets has not been easy for anyone but thank you again.

When Middlesfur first started 8 years ago, we never thought that years later we’d still be here. Through the thick and thin of it, from drama to cease and desist requests with our old logo, we are still going. We thank everyone who was there from the beginning and those who joined up along the way. Our meet has changed a lot from logos, venues, committee members, and our members but we want to continue to grow and adapt to what you furs want, including expanding our merch (

The Venue

Yes, we are going back to the Resolution, this is because of its willingness to cooperate with the meet at no cost while being close to the bus station with space and alcohol available at a reasonable price. If you know of a better location for future meets please contact a committee member with the information.

The Schedule

Covid saftey rules

(Anni-fur-sary artwork by Frith)