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13th October Meet 2019 | Middlesfur 13th October Meet 2019 – Middlesfur

13th October Meet 2019

05/10/2019 - Meet Dates & Info, News

It’s Halloween! The most wonderful time of the year *ding dong**ding dong*, were the sinners are all screaming, the dead are all rising and all fleeing in feeeear, it’s the most horrific time of the year! Ahem *lip smack* so now to the schedule.


1:30-12:00 meet at Middlesbrough Bus Station

12:00-14:30 Games and socialising at The resolution

14:30-15:30 Fursuit walk (Suiters please contact a committee member if attending)

15:30-17:00 more games, drawing and socialising

17:00 End of meet