Month: July 2017

July Artist of the Month: Werepuppy

July’s Artist of the Month

Hey, furs! For the month of July, the Middlesfur committee has chosen Werepuppy Creations as our Artist of the Month! Werepuppy is a digital artist that produces amazing artwork for furries and she creates many original characters. One style she enjoys to draw is candy gore. Her work is popular and sometimes for those who don’t always have art of their fursonas. She has her own Facebook page, Patreon, amongst other ventures. We asked what inspired her work and why she enjoys drawing furry art.

“I’ve always been a furry, as well as therian, but it was discovering the game Furcadia that made me realise what furries actually were, and that was what I was. I went into roleplay and started drawing the characters for that, and it kinda evolved from there. I love creating characters especially, which is why I’m currently running the Wing it Fursona program, to give those without very many characters the chance to own a well designed one for free. As for influences for my art style, it started off with cartoons like Lion King and Balto, and I got further inspired by Goldenwolfen and Frisket17 when I started to discover other furry artists.”


Where to Find more Werepuppy

Facebook: werepuppycreations

Trello: werepuppy-commissions



Twitch: werepuppycreations